Recharge Kit 165

Item number 448

A recharge kit is a complete set of spares to re-arm your lifejacket after inflation. One kit contains

  • 1 Gas cylinder 38 g CO2 with Ki-Lock - no expiry date
  • 1 Cartridge - expiry date printed on cartridge
  • 1 Clip

For all Ki-165 products  -  performance level 150

Item number  448

Yearly service

  • Gas cylinder - replace when the weight is less than 150 g or when it is damaged
  • Cartridge - replace yearly
  • Clip - replace after using the handle for manual inflation


Gas cylinders are under high pressure! Do not damage the sealing! Do not expose to flames or high temperatures! Keep away from children!

Store cartridges dry and protected from humid air.

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