EN 12402-5

Buoyancy aid - performance level 50

EN 12402-6

Floatation suit

EN 15027-1

Protection against hypothermia


In accordance with European regulation on Personal Protective Equipment (EU) 2016-425

This floatation suit protects against

  1. Drowning  -  more than 50 N buoyancy
  2. Hypothermia  -  1 hr in ice water (-5 °C) - class D

FloaterVest 275 N CE  -  optional equipment

  • Turns Ki-Floater into a lifejacket with 275 N buoyancy
  • Suitable for extreme offshore conditions
  • Turns an unconscious wearer from face down to stable postion on back
  • Supports the head to minimise the danger for water in the respiratory tract


  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Buoyant hood - suitable for hard hat
  • Pockets for VHF, mobile, ID card
  • Ventilation zippers under the arms
  • Chest pockets
  • Warming pockets with fleece
  • Braces - for increased wearer comfort
  • Adjustable waist
  • Knife attachments
  • Knee pad pockets
  • Lining  -  buoyant foam and nylon

Item no 110


CE: In accordance with European regulation on Personal Protective Equipment (EU) 2016-425
EN 12402-2: Lifejacket - level 275.
For offshore use under extreme conditions or for use together with clothing that traps air.
Turns an unconscious wearer into a safe position.
FloaterVest 275 CE

Lifejacket 275 N for the integration with Floater.

Item number 111

Tool Pocket Chest

Size 18 x 7,5 x 3,5 cm
Attach to lifejacket cover
The knife is accessible when the vest is inflated
Item number 120

See how this product makes your life easier

Removable hood
Collar with whistle
VHF pocket
Mobile pocket
Attachment of tool pocket (see Integrations above)
Chest pocket
Pocket for ID card
Ventilation zippers
Arm cuff
Smooth and soft inside
Warming pockets
Pocket with knife holder
Ergonomically shaped knees
Knee pad pockets
Body height
162-170 cm
170–178 cm
178–186 cm
186–194 cm
194–202 cm
202-210 cm
Chest girth
→ 112 cm
→ 118 cm
→ 124 cm
→ 130 cm
→ 136 cm
→ 142 cm

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